Welcome to Savannah and Congregation Bnai Brith Jacob!

Where is Savannah?

Savannah is located about eight miles east of one of the busiest north-south interstates in the U.S., I-95. Our lovely city has also become quite a tourist attraction.  In spite of this, we are a small Jewish community, so we sometimes find ourselves with more requests for home hospitality than we can provide! We welcome visitors wholeheartedly, but if your timing or preferences necessitate hotel accommodations, relax!  We are one of the few orthodox congregations that actually has a variety of hotel options within easy walking distance of the shul!  Those listed below are also within the eruv.

Business Travel or Vacation

What brings you to Savannah?

Whether you are traveling to Savannah on business, for pleasure, coming to check out our community, or simply passing through, we are here for you! Savannah is known for its warmth and we invite you to join us for a Shabbos!

To make Shabbos arrangements, please email [email protected] with your request. Please include the following information:

Delicious Food Service Options

Looking for some good southern cookin'?

Take advantage of our delicious food service by calling the shul office

Hotel Accomodations

Where to stay?

The following hotels are within the Eruv and a short walking distance to our shul (5444 Abercorn St.)

Quality Education


If you would like to learn more about our schools. You can contact our local schools below:

111 Atlas Street | Savannah, GA 31405
912-352-7994 | [email protected]

111 Atlas Street | Savannah, GA 31405
912-307-4200 | [email protected]

Other Organizations

What else can we help you with?

Call for hours

Rabbi Eli Lob

President: Nosson Garfunkel

President: Lisa Garfunkel