Our Kollel

The flame of our community

Our Kollel Members

Rabbi Simcha List

Kollel Rabbi

Rabbi Simcha List originates from the great city of St. Louis, Missouri. He studied at the Scranton Yeshiva and Beth Medrash Govoha. He’s a great asset to the Kollel both for his encyclopedic knowledge and easy-going personality. Enjoy cholent with Rabbi List at his popular Parsha Class, or simply converse with him on any topic. His wife Erin originates from Dallas, Texas. She teaches secular studies at Rambam Day School and has a master’s in education from Adelphi University. Rabbi List, Erin, and their 4 children make a formidable team and their contributions to our community are clearly evidences by all those who know them.

Rabbi Avi Nitekman

Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Avi Nitekman is a native of Chicago. He attended Yeshiva Beth Moshe of Scranton for nine years, before moving on to study at Beth Moshe Govoha of Lakewood, N.J. He and his wife Ruchoma (nee Schwartz), from Silver Spring, MD have five children. The Nitekman’s youthful exuberance and simcha permeates the fabric of our community.

Rabbi Yoni Maccabee

Kollel Rabbi

Rabbi Yoni Maccabee comes originally from Monsey, NY. He studied Talmudic Law in Scranton, PA and than went own to learn in the renowned Yeshiva in Lakewood,NJ. His classes range from a variety of different topics and interests, from the weekly Torah portion to classic Jewish thought. His classes may be in the Chapel or in the comfort of a private residence accompanied by warm camaraderie. Also, a very active participant in the initiative to find interested newcomers occupations and other ways to ease there absorption in the Jewish Community. His wife, Rena aside from teaching in the day school, runs and directs the local day camp. The Maccabee’s Shabbos table is blessed consistently with many guests from all corners of our community.

Rabbi Ephraim Rabhan

Kollel Rabbi

Rabbi Ephraim Rabhan was born in Savannah, Georgia. After graduating from Savannah’s Rambam Day School, he went off to study at Yeshivath Beth Moshe of Scranton, PA for the next eight years. He then continued his studies in Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood, N.J. for eight years. His wife Sara Brana (nee Slatus) is also from Savannah and they have four children. Although they have been away from home for a while, the Rabhans continue to exhibit their Savannah southern charm and warm hospitality.